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Creating an arc using Fillet??
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* August 07, 2016, 06:13:55 AM
UsingTurbocad Mac Delux 9, Under Training, Tutorial Session 2, Creating an Arc using Fillet, you are told to hold down Alt key (in Mac I think they mean the option key) and then click to create the fillet. If you do not use the option key, the fillet is created but a portion of the circle is cut away. I can not understand how the program is deciding what portion of the circle is being cut away. I can do the task but am trying to understand what is happening when I DO NOT use the option key. Can anyone explain what is happening and why?
Thanks, Ed


* August 07, 2016, 07:58:54 AM

Could I respectfully suggest posting your query on the Mac forum as well, http://tcmacforum.imsisupport.com/index.php , Whilst there may be some here who also use a Mac, the vast majority will be using the Windows version which I believe operates differently to the Mac version.


* August 07, 2016, 08:26:50 AM
Thank you. I did not know about the Mac forum