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Custom settings wont save
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July 27, 2016, 09:53:48 AM
I have been trying customise the tools and keyboard shortcuts in TC 2016 plat and managed to save them. But what im struggling with is saving the inspector bar changes i have made. I only want to see size X Y Z. but after saving it and restarting TC it goes back to normal and shows every field again. any ideas what to poke pick and prod to fix it ?

Sorted it out now. I found it by trial and error. If I turn off too many inspector bar fields in one shot then save my configuration settings, they all come back when I restart the program :( so I just turned off 3 fields at a time then saved it then another 3 and so on until they were all gone and hey presto it worked :)  8).

***EDIT 2***
Not quite sorted as I thought. The data fields seem to be the only things I can remove from the inspector bar, nothing else seems to stick :(
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