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Attachments in php
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* May 11, 2009, 09:59:41 PM
I've noticed in some other forums that attached pictures behave in useful ways.  When a picture is attached, when a viewer clicks on the thumbnail or link, the picture takes the browser foreground and obfuscates the thread.  If the picture is legible at that size, rolling the scroll wheel drops you back into the thread.  If it's not, left clicking opens the picture as the browser page.  Is this a function of php?  In forums where I've noticed it, the pictures that behave this way are usually gifs, and I get the impression there're size restrictions.  Is this the behaviour in this new forum?  Can we have sticky posts that describe it and state necessary parameters?


whacked in a random pic to test it out.....(giggle)  Aaah, not necessarily the same as other forums, but good!  Thanks admin.

[attachment deleted by admin]