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3D printing end to end New User
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* March 28, 2016, 06:13:56 AM
Hi there,

New to all this, just learning Turbocad V20 Pro.

I intend to draw up and 3D print parts for a 1/6th scale model(or two) and I would like any guidance available. I am working my way through the training CD but have the following questions

1.  Scale, do I draw using 1 to 1 and rescale as required, I have been advised this is best but not sure if that is still the casewhen outputting to a 3D printer.

2.  How do I get from the screen to a printed object?  I understand that I have to save in a particular format and run through a slicing programme (I assume to give the layer information for printing).  WHat slicing programme is easiest to use?

3.  What pitfalls should I avoid?

4.  Any good reference reading I could do

Many thanks for any assistance



* March 28, 2016, 07:08:03 AM

Will you be printing them yourself or sending out to an agency.

1). Whilst its normally recommended to draw full size and scale viewports for printing, with 3D prints, in my opinion its better to draw at the actual finished size required, one can set TC to scale 1:6 someone else will have to comment as I've never tried it.

2). Probably most 3D printer slicing programs will accept .stl files which v20 pro will 'save-as', as to the slicing software, I'd recommend using one recommended by the printer manufacturer, some have their own software, others will recommend one which is known to work with their printer. 

3). Pitfalls, I'd guess the main one being overhanging parts, some software may be able to compensate for this by adding support material, but if you have overhanging portions of the part it may be better to build in supports, this will give more control over where they are, if you can design it without needing support material - all the better.

Avoid very fine detail if the printer cannot print it as its just wasting time and could cause streaks when extruded.

4). To be honest I'd just looked on some forums, especially one from the makers of the printer and ask questions when required.   


* March 28, 2016, 07:30:57 AM
Work in 1:1 scale - if you want to print something that's 15mm long, then draw it 15mm long.
When creating your 3D model you will probably create some other parts that allow you to make the final piece. You should select the part you want to print, copy it to the clip-board, open a new drawing and paste the contents of the clip-board in - it will retain it's dimensions. Orient it as required then save it as an STL. The STL can then be loaded into your slicer program which can then output the required gcode to drive the printer.
You might want to consider building your own supports for overhangs in the model.

Gary Wooding
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