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3d Modelling- Bending, Unbending, Cut & Fold Lines
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February 28, 2016, 02:54:14 PM
Hi All

I'm thinking of using a folder setup like this to manage my 3D design modelling, then performing Unbending and confirming the Cut & Fold Lines for use in the Engineering shop.

If you see a flaw in my ideas then post a reply.

1. e:\Main Design (project files here)
2. e:\Main Design\Unbent (unbent objects here)
3. e:\Main Design\Confirm Cut and Folds (confirmed Cut & Folds lines exist on the key export files here)
4. 3:\Main Design\DWG Export To Eng Shop (export of 3D designs as 2D for engineering shop here)

The general idea being that each folder is separated so that I can control the design, testing and unbending prior to release to the engineering shop.



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