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First Ever Renders in TC (or anywhere else for that matter)
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* January 08, 2010, 05:01:55 PM

I just thought I'd share my first ever renders with you.

They are of a hair stylist's chair I'm designing as part of an interior design project.

I changed one of the materials in the second one in order to make it look a bit more metalic.

Would be grateful for any comments, suggestions, etc. etc.



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* January 08, 2010, 08:21:58 PM
Interesting. What are the other objects in the drawing?

Henry H


* January 08, 2010, 11:07:24 PM
Great, I must say its a chair a never have seen and always love that. :)
I am wondering how you did the metal spring.
You ask for suggestions, I would say, try to fillet the edges of the seat.


* January 09, 2010, 01:19:24 AM
@Henry.  Thanks! Those are the prototype for a set of mirrors which will actually be set up in front of the chair that the customer is to sit in (which I hope to get to later today).  I put them in this render because I liked the way that they reflected some of the details in the chair.

@Stefaan. Thanks, I was going for something a little different.  The spring is a set of helixes each with separate definitions, the main (largest) one is two separate helixes, one on top of the other.  In all cases, I then did a rail sweep with a 1cm radius circle.  I was a bit disappointed to discover that my version (Pro 16) doesn't have the twist extrude function, because I would have liked to use that too.

I like the idea of filleting the edges of the seat.  I wasn't aware that I could do that with an extruded cylinder.  I'll play around with it later.  Thanks for the suggestion!

If anyone has some lighting tips, I'd be extremely grateful too.  I'm not entirely sure how to get the lights pointing precisely where I want them to (if I get the focal length and direction of the beam wrong the first time, I've noted that it can be very difficult to correct that and I end up deleting and reinserting them - is there a better way?)

Thanks for your comments! Very, very encouraging :)