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OK, time to ask for help - moving imported assemblies
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December 23, 2009, 10:19:44 PM
I must be doing or not doing something simple, but here's the problem.  Advice needed.  I've still been drawing in DesignCAD, it'll be a while before I can originate designs in TCAD.  I've drawn some new assemblies and brought them into the drawing using the INSERT-FILE command.  Maybe that import method is the problem?  Anyway, I import a new assembly, layer the components correctly, and try to move the assembly into it's location on the existing model.  I set the workplane to the surface the assembly will be placed on, do a GENERIC TRANSFORM MOVE, and the assembly appears to snap into place.  But it's not in the right plane !  Move it over and over again, no joy.  I have this problem even duplicating existing parts of the model.

What am I missing ??  TIA !


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* December 24, 2009, 05:00:38 AM
There is no need to change the workplane.

Use either snaps or SEKE's, and do the following:

1. Select the object you want to move

2. Pick a source point on the object you want to move (using snaps or SEKE's as mentioned above)

3. Pick a destination point on the object you want to move to (using snaps or SEKE's as mentioned above)

4. Continue this sequence.

You can pick three source points, and three destination points. This will allow you to move and rotate the part so that you have the correct location and plane.

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