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Network admin problem. Folder redirection possibly.
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* December 04, 2009, 12:03:38 PM
Everytime my users open Turbocad 10.5 on a terminal server, they get the warning "Folder tempdc\tuser$\ cannot be created", and have to hit OK 20 times or so to get past it.  It also happens while working, and when exiting.

Tempdc is the server their profiles are directed to, and tuser$ is the user name of the logged in user, with a $ after it because it is a hidden share.

My Documents =  \\tempdc\%username%$

So I assume it is looking for My Documents - but it may be stripping out the \\ and therefore it is not working??  Because those directories do exist, and each user has full access to them.  Also, if I delete the Turbocad 10.5 directory in any users folder, when I launch Turbocad again, it recreates it - so that also proves it exists and the user has rights to it.

Under Options, Program Setup, File Locations, everything points to an existing drive letter, or the Program Installation folder, I see nothing wrong there.  And if I log in as a user exempt from folder redirection, it works fine - but I have to have My Documents redirected.

Any ideas how I can make this go away?


* December 09, 2009, 09:14:43 AM
Well it's definatley folder redirection - I removed a user from the policy and their My Documents went the standard folder under c:\Documents and Settings and it worked fine.

So if My Documents = \\Servername\Username - the program does not work.