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parametric part manager
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February 20, 2010, 01:35:57 AM
Hello everyone after a long French translation of the pdf file on the. PPM I just made my first wooden crosses parametric French, I think make a tips about this because it really deserves it, deepening in the subject j ' I have noticed the power of TurboCAD.
The little criticism I could make TurboCAD v15.2 is the annoyance of some crashes unwanted, what do I think it's wrong because without it he could be taken much more seriously in the eyes of companies that uses other software competitor.
I put a picture of my crosses and file for those that want to test. I think it will make more than a dribble. Soon

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February 20, 2010, 08:04:32 AM
I agree about the crashes.  There are several areas where TurboCAD could be improved to make it a true alternative to AutoCAD for real-world applications (as contrasted with photo-realistic modeling, where TurboCAD is superior to AutoCAD).

Oh, yes... the object you call a "cross" is more accurately referred to as a "strut".  In English, a "cross" would have two objects intersecting similar to a "t".


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February 21, 2010, 02:43:41 AM
hi jeffin
I agree on the term for the assembly. I care about is that I did not check the translation with google (I'm French). at the same time I put the program.
 I also put the program to make the parts:

A = Parameter("arase", 300, LINEAR, Interval(0, 8000));
T = Parameter("tenon", 40, LINEAR, Interval(0, 8000));
E = Parameter("eptrav", 24, LINEAR, Interval(0, 8000));
J = Parameter("Joue", 8, LINEAR, Interval(0, 8000));
D = Parameter("eptenon", 8, LINEAR, Interval(0, 8000));
L = Parameter("largeurtrav", 70, LINEAR, Interval(0, 8000));
T1= Polyline(
Point(0, 0),//point1
Point(T, 0),//point2
Point(T, -J),//point3
Point(T+ A, -J),//point4
Point(T+ A, 0),//point5
Point(T* 2+ A, 0),//point6
Point(T* 2+ A, D),//point7
Point(T+ A, D),//point8
Point(T+ A, E- D),//point9
Point(T, E- D),//point10
Point(T, D),//point11
Point(0, D),//point12
Point(0, 0));//point13
T2= Thickness(T1, L);