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some solids hidden lines while some rendered?? possible??
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* November 03, 2009, 02:23:46 AM

I'm trying to highlight some Hazardous Zones - represented as colured, partially transparent spheres (rendered), amongst std hidden lines views of a client's facility (3D solids).

The best I've done is overlay two viewports exercising different layer switches and render types... but it doesn't work when the Haz. zone is behind something.

See pdf attached - utilised two viewports.

Gurus... your advice please.


[attachment deleted by admin]

David Knowling
Windows 7 Pro 64, TC16.2.54.0

* November 03, 2009, 04:22:44 AM
I like your concept here Dave, though for me; I find 2 concerns. One is a visual thing. I think it is difficult at best to discern the sense of space surrounding a hidden-line image as volumetric. In fact, it appears more 2D than 3D.  2ndly, I find the texture of the spheres distracting. perhaps smoother and even more transparent may read better. My suggestion might be to utilize three viewports , with the third being a draft render, also somewhat transparent, to define the tanks volumes. I'm sure others can help further. Good luck!


* November 03, 2009, 06:30:15 AM
Thanks for your input AE.

A third viewport wasn't the direction I was looking for - but the intent aided in my probable solution.

I decided to assign a light brown-grey plastic matl to the solids, removed all lights apart from 1 ambient and 1 headlight and dropped the render to draft with all foreground wireframe options ticked.

This effectively gave me what I was after whilst adding a bit more depth to solids as per your suggestion.... all with only 1 viewport!

See attached.

Next step is to turn the fittings into full 3D (rather than flat)......


[attachment deleted by admin]

David Knowling
Windows 7 Pro 64, TC16.2.54.0

* November 03, 2009, 09:29:13 AM
Glad you're on to an answer! This appears to be in a fixed Isometric View.  Out of curiosity, have you played around at all with changing the viewing angle? Continued good luck with your project.