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3d - TurboCAD vs AutoCAD
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September 20, 2013, 05:36:16 PM
I've been using TurboCAD for 3+ yrs now.  Before that I was using AutoCAD for about 14 yrs.  I learned 3d on TurboCAD, but never AutoCAD.  Now there's a good chance I'll be working somewhere in the near future that uses AutoCAD instead of TurboCAD.

2d TurboCAD and AutoCAD are similar in many ways (Other than Inspector bar vs. Command line), and switching from AutoCAD to TurboCAD for me wasn't TOO big of a deal (Thank You patient boss).
My question..
Will having learned 3d in TurboCAD help me learn AutoCAD 3d quicker than if I hadn't?  In other words, are the concepts and physical actions between the 2 softwares similar?

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September 21, 2013, 03:57:22 PM
I've been studying AutoCAD 3d the last 24-48 hrs.  I have learned the concepts and physical actions are similar, which makes me VERY happy.

And I agree... TurboCAD is great, especially for the price.  Not as powerful as AutoCAD, though.
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