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Alternative uses of Animation Lab (Automation)
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* June 16, 2013, 06:50:47 AM
I have only touched on the basics of Animation lab so far, but can see the possibility of enhancing workflow by automating some of the time consuming processes in turbocad.

Some Examples:-

(1) If you had a paperspace viewport that you wanted to print multiple views of a pdf from, you could set up animation lab using a script that would change the view after every frame and then print that view to pdf, which would save a hell of a lot of time.

(2) You could set up a script in animation lab to iterate through all materials in a drawing and change the materials , and not save any frames, basically using animation lab like an "Automation Server".

Please add your potential uses to this thread.

Obviously we would all have to brush up on the use of scripting within animation lab, but I believe there are lots of possibilities to enhance workflow with Animation lab apart from the animations themselves.

Any feedback appreciated.


June 21, 2013, 03:39:08 PM
I've always been fascinated by the alternative uses for animation lab. I haven't used it for a while. Will the latest version print to PDF? If so does it use the awful TC PDF converter?

I've never bothered to figure out macros but have often used ani-lab scripts as macros. I've used it to build models. I did this project in TC-3D which had some very powerful tools that took many versions of TC after 3D was integrated to come on line (http://www.mmahan.com/mmahanus/Mike_Mahan/pdf_content/generationsofahouse.pdf). Later I used Ani-Lab to recreate the project in animated form. (go to http://www.mmahan.com/mmahanus/Mike_Mahan/start_001.swf then select "Digital Art - Conceptual Works -Animations of a House) This was done an early version  of Ani-Lab and some of these models were not possible in TC at the time. Run some of them and see.

I've used Ani-Lab to create exploded views. The possibilities are endless.

This is a great topic.
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