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Title: please help
Post by: PTOCAD on August 17, 2009, 05:37:55 PM
i have some experience with cad.  i have turbocad 2d/3d deluxe.  ive drawn my 'side dimensions' of the crate i need to ..draw.  it is 8'wide and the oposite side is a mirror of the side ive drawn.  what is the easiest way to duplicate the side ive drawn and set it 8' off the other side to manipulate it in a 3d view.  hope this makes sense and thanks for your help up front.  the top of the crate is tapered alon with the front and rear.. but im sure thats gonna take some more practice till i even know what questions to ask..

thanks all!!!
Title: Re: please help
Post by: John R on August 17, 2009, 07:20:12 PM
Insert / 3D Object / Simple Extrude

It sounds like you want to extrude this collection of lines&arcs 8 feet. Being that you have Deluxe, you'll need to make the lines&arcs into a Polyline first. Select them, goto Modify/Join Polyline, then choose "Finish Join Polyline" from the Local Menu. Hopefully, if the endpoints are coincident, this will create a closed polyline. Now use the Simple Extrude tool to create a 3D object from the polyline. This is best done in a isometric view. Click on the polyline and move the cursor up or down. Tab and enter a value in the Height field. You also have a two-sided option, if needed.