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Title: Softdev
Post by: Up on January 17, 2011, 05:19:43 AM
Good day All,
happy new year
Does someone perhaps have the email address for Ksenia Novitskaya at Softdev please. I have a list of few small request regarding improvident  he may wont to include into the next version.
thank you.
Nothing major just a few things that will make life a bit easier.
I will list them below..

Drafting pallet.
Create fragmental view does not stay on the set scale. Keeps loosing its scale.
When I  work in paper space and use the drafting pallet, the image in the drafting
         pallet refreshes with every thing I do on the page. Annoying.
c.    In Paper space, When I wont to select a view/ section / or detail out of the  drafting pallet the selection tool does not always work.
Drawing markers keep going back to default. It does not keep my settings until the next time I need it.  When I work in imperial the text height reverts back to 90 all the time.
Text tool
Text justification moves out of my settings, switches to right or middle on its own.
Holes in solid objects uses up the entire RAM. If I create 20 holes then my OS becomes very slow.
Align tool ( most important)
When I use the align tool  it needs to turn of ortho and turn on “nearest on graphic” automatically. I believe most users of TC use this tool hundreds of times in a day.
Local menu.  Right click opens the local menu
If I right click that will open the local menu, Two menu’s open. One is the local menu and the other is the tools menu. The problem is that one menu will partially cover the other depending on where I click on the screen. If I click higher up on the screen then the menu on top has no where to go so it covers the menu below. Hope I made myself clear. Thank.
Text box
Text box  should always leave a space at the start and end of the word that I put into the text box.
Wood working tool – “Laid out planks table” loses its table styles settings. As far as I can tell that is because in styles manager, table styles where I set up the general, data, header and title - all the text height boxes revert to the default zero.
Also some of the planks are missing when flatten all the parts.
Construction lines . Parallel construction. I need to use the Offset in paper space but cant set a length.

Other wise TC works pretty good.

Title: Re: Softdev
Post by: Jeffin90620 on January 17, 2011, 09:46:08 AM
"Ksenia" is a woman's name.   ;)

Title: Re: Softdev
Post by: Julian Thomas on January 17, 2011, 11:43:06 AM
Last email I got from Ksenia came from turbocadATimsisupport.com