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Title: Will not exit
Post by: Jeffin90620 on December 10, 2019, 11:43:33 PM
This is more of an annoyance than anything.

Yesterday, TurboCAD 2019 (Build 56.3), changed the way it worked. 

1) It refuses to exit; it just puts up the spinning 'wait' indicator (I let it run for 4 hours to be sure).
2) When starting, it prompts me to select a Workspace, even after I had previously started it in Administrator mode and activated the "Don't show this message again" radio button.  When I had first installed this version, I specifically chose not to install it in Administrator mode to see if this problem happened (it didn't).

I uninstalled and re-installed in Administrator mode.  That didn't help, either.

Okay... did some experimenting while composing this message: deleting the Built-In folder removed the Workspace Style prompt from startup and the never-exit problem, at least for now.  I rename my Built-In folders so I can get a timeline as to when they've been changed.  Oddly, the first three have the same date for the tcw_ini_*.ini files (11/29/19 3:56 pm), but the most recent one has them dated 12/10/19 6:01pm).  That is a puzzle.

Title: Re: Will not exit
Post by: John R on December 11, 2019, 09:01:27 AM
I had a similar problem with all my TurboCAD versions back to version 11; it wouldn't Save or Open, just ‘spin’. Once I updated Windows to install deferred updates, all TurboCAD versions returned to working as expected.