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Title: Cannot relocate reference point
Post by: DavidLPreston64 on January 17, 2019, 12:34:30 PM
I'm following one of Don Cheke's YouTube tutorials. Got to 24 minutes on "Raised panel door tutorial part 1" and cannot relocate reference point.
Back tracked on set up, identical except I'm running Pro platinum 20. Any ideas please. Never had this problem in the past
Title: Re: Cannot relocate reference point
Post by: Jeffin90620 on January 18, 2019, 03:51:49 AM
1) When this sort of thing happens, the best first response is to save, close and re-open the file.

2) Another useful technique is to go to Wireframe mode with all Layers visible, <Ctrl> A to select everything, then copy and paste into a new TurboCAD window.  Please note that I have occasionally had to make a Layer invisible because a corrupted object on that Layer was really screwing up everything.

3) While not as useful as it once was, killing TurboCAD and re-starting it may be of use.  You may as well reboot your computer if you're going to try this.

4) The most powerful method of fixing things short of uninstalling and re-installing is to exit TurboCAD, delete the Built-In folder and restart TurboCAD.  Instructions for this procedure are found here: http://forums.turbocad.com/index.php/topic,9797.0.html (http://forums.turbocad.com/index.php/topic,9797.0.html)