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Title: Strange differences
Post by: lemel_man on April 14, 2013, 05:24:09 AM
I'm modelling the simple hinged rod shown below.
My attempt started by using a cylinder as the rod, from which I subtracted a rectangular extrusion, as shown in the second picture.
I then sliced the cylinder, as shown, and tried to subtract the extruded quadrant shown in the next picture, but genie refused.
I then started again with a revolved rectangle instead of a cylinder, and the subtraction worked fine.
I then made the tongue (shown in blue) by extruding a polyline with a compound profile - that worked fine.
I then wanted to group the tongue with the RH section (black) of the rod, but the group button is greyed out and not operational.
The 3D properties of the tongue and the black part of the rod are both shown as solid, but one is more solid than the other as shown in the screen shots (notice the difference in the buttons).
Any ideas please?