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Saving Workspace
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* August 11, 2010, 09:14:15 PM
I have forgotten how to save my workspace that I use all of the time. I setup my workspace the way I want it then I go to   "Save as/ My Docs/ Turbocad 17/ Config/" I name my new WS and then save. Is this correct? When I open the config folder is there a format I have to use, I do not see a cfg format on the drop down list.
I must be getting old because I ave done this before.
  Myron TC17.1Pro


* August 11, 2010, 11:04:24 PM
re: Saving your Workspace in the Themes' UI.

Go to "Tools / Customize — Options page"
Overwrite a name in the "Save In" list with your custom name.
This will not affect the overwritten Workspace, you're just adding a name to the list.
Click on the "Save In" button.
You have now saved your Workspace.

The lists only show the Names, but no extensions. If you go the Config folder (C:\Users\John R\Documents\TurboCAD 17\Config in my 'puter), you will find your Workspace saved in two files; same name, different extensions. One is a XCFG file and the other in an XML file. If you were working the Standard UI (Tools / UI Themes), then you would get just a single CFG file when saving. The Standard UI will not show Themes' UI Workspace names, as they're not compatible. Old will work in New, but not the other way around.

To "load" your Workspace, select your custom name from the "Load From" list, then click on the "Load From" button.

There should be enough here to keep you confused.  ;D

John R.

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