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Problems with exporting to .STEP
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* September 20, 2016, 09:30:14 AM
Hi all

Searched the forum and came up empty so here we go :D

First of all, I don´t know if there are any major differences but I´m using Turbocad Mac Deluxe 8.

I am trying to export a 3D solid to .STEP to be able to send to the CNC guy. When I first tried i received the very informative message: The file export failed with error: "Failure". Started over with the same result. Started over again but this time I tried to export to .STEP before I was finished with the model, success! Worked on it some more and checked again, it exported successfully again. Finished the model, and the export failed again! >:(

I am not very good at Turbocad but I try my best. So my question for you guys is, any clue as to what is happening and why? I would really appreciate some guidance.

It pretty ironic that the Turbocad forum doesn´t allow me to attach a .tcd file...


* September 20, 2016, 11:29:00 AM
Hi,   You will probably be better asking on the TC Mac forum http://tcmacforum.imsisupport.com/index.php as most on here use the windows version which is completely different to the Mac version (and probably why you can't upload .tcd files).



* September 20, 2016, 08:01:07 PM
Thanks a lot Andy! Didn´t even know that forum existed, but that sure explains the lack of search result :) Strange that that forum hasn´t come up on my google searches either