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missing some things
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* August 20, 2009, 07:38:18 PM
Hi , am new to turbocad. had this version forever v12 , but didn't use it much til now. I watched most of the tutorials both 2 d and 3d lessons about drawing in TC.  I learned some stuff , like how to get around that annoying beep!  ;-)   
Still have long way to go to do anything productive in the program. First thing I noticed watching tutorials and copying them step by step , was , what the tutorial tells you to do , as example in a drawing , sometimes is not there in my program ,when and where it shows up on their screen. Not to be long winded about it, I can't find things anywhere??
Like constraints ??   or when they use architectural files to insert to the drawing.  I installed the Symbols version 2 from a separate cd to the computer , but darn if I can locate any file to add to a drawing !  If I can't find the tools , how can I do anything.  Don't have the pro version , too poor. But is that my problem?   Doesn't my deluxe version have constraints?  Tried toolbar add remove buttons , but no constraints , and architectural has only one  wall in there.   Please need an evaluation of the situation.  Want to get this show on the road. Lines and shapes are fine , but get boring after a few tries.   look forward to the experienced users input , and it will be put to good use. Thanks for any replies you may have.   


* August 20, 2009, 08:40:36 PM
Many of the Pro features are not available in Deluxe. Constraints, Shell Solid, Fillet Edges, Chamfer Edges, and others I can't think of offhand -- these are available only in the Pro edition. IMO you'll get a lot more functionality for about the same price from an older version of the Pro edition than from a recent version of Deluxe.

Henry H