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Crash with xref
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August 13, 2009, 05:56:21 PM
I am xrefing a Sketchup Model into TC (using 16 platinum).  I have 15 drafting office regen objects open.  When reloading a modified xref about 1/2 the time TC crashes. 

I have also noted that when reopening the TC file, even after a normal save, that the xrefs do not update until one does a reload.  TC seems to keep the information from the last incidence when the xref was reloaded rather than getting a new version of the file.  Is this normal?

Jon Coxwell, AIA
Windows Win 7x64
TC19,20 32 bit, 20,21,22 64 bit (Platinum)
RedSDK usually off  Win 10 pro

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