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SDK Information
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* May 14, 2009, 07:10:41 PM
A couple of weeks ago I announced on the old forum that we are doing a lot of work to update the SDK and specifically the examples for the SDK.

Kevan Chapman has done an amazing job in starting to give structure to this project. You can follow this at the Wiki site:

It would help us a lot if you have specific issues that you would like to see addressed, or advice in an area. If it is confidential and you think by posting it here you may loose your competitive edge, please use the private message function of the forum and send me a message.



* May 15, 2009, 02:13:25 AM
Hi Mauritz, hi Kevan

Great to read that the SDK is in your focus.
I have a special question:
Is it possible to start a tool via VB?
e.g. in macrorecorder  Start "Insert|Line|Single"
or Start "Insert|Curve|Spline|ByFitPoints"

I haven’t found out how to do this in VB.

Any help is appreciated.

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May 15, 2009, 07:59:42 AM
Kevan Chapman has done an amazing job in starting to give structure to this project.

Fantastic, thank you Mauritz and Kevan.

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* May 15, 2009, 08:31:47 AM
The DrollTroll is doing great work with limited resources. My hat is off to him.

John R.

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