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What do you like about TurboCAD? (Your help would be greatly appreciated!!)
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July 27, 2011, 01:59:07 PM
Hi guys -

I'm working on some new web pages for TurboCAD, and would love to include a few brief user reviews. Any chance some of you could help me out...?

What I'm looking for is a short (just a few sentences) description of e.g. why you like TurboCAD, what you use it for, how long you have used it, etc. If you came from another CAD brand, you could mention something about that as well. Basically, I just want people to be able to see WHY TurboCAD is a great CAD choice for them, too!

If you want to help (and I hope you do! :)), either respond to this thread, or email me at skorling@imsidesign.com!

Thanks SOO much in advance!

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July 27, 2011, 02:00:26 PM
If you could also mention what version you use, that would be great. I'd love to find a few Deluxe users as well - It seems like a lot of people here use Pro or Platinum.


* July 28, 2011, 07:57:58 AM
 What I like about TurboCAD:
I use TurboCAD 14 Deluxe and what I like about it is that in a few weeks I was able to draw in 3d. (still needed to learn a lot but was able.) The forum help helped a lot to answer a lot of questions. And if I can learn to draw in 3d anyone can I am over 60 with little computer skill. So it is a simple program in many ways.
The price was right for someone just starting out. I would now like to upgrade to pro because of the forum and what some of these great people can accomplish. But Deluxe is a great starting program at a great price.

Carroll D. Peppersack
TurboCad 14.2 Deluxe
TurboCad 20 Plat

July 28, 2011, 10:15:42 AM
Thank you, lefthander! And here I was thinking I would only hear things about Pro and Platinum - and the first response I get is about Deluxe - that's great! :)


July 30, 2011, 08:36:53 AM
Hi Sofia,

I know that you would probably like to hear from other users, but I can't help but add a bit of my own since I am still a huge fan of TurboCAD. It is the key component that introduced me to the world of CAD back in 2002 and it has been instrumental in me earning my living in a manner that elates me. My work and my play are one and the same and I often feel so blessed to have stumbled into this very cool world of design and illustration.

I started out using Deluxe v8 (was called Standard then), but moved quickly up to the Pro version (v9) via the generosity of a fellow TurboCAD forum member who gave me the disks for an extra copy he had. As most know, I write TurboCAD tutorials and through the encouragement of Forum members, I began selling them back in 2004. I have been a Beta tester since V14 and have enjoyed being on the inside of things, as it were, and developing a great relationship with many of the IMSI/Design team. What a great group of people they are - so approachable and so accommodating.

I just love how TurboCAD is an all-purpose CAD application. That means that I can meet the needs of most of my clients using this single product. I can switch from creating trade show booth designs one minute to any of the other things I do most days of the week. This includes mechanical designs for manufacture, furniture design and assembly instructions and even retail outlet store renders (interior and exterior). The very best part is that TurboCAD has integrated render capabilities and I can experiment with materials right in my drawing and watch the changes live. I can even modify my models at the same time and see the updated changes as I work. I also find that TurboCAD is relatively easy to learn. It seems to be built with the general public in mind and, as such, is not insanely complex as some of the other more costly CAD applications are. I have tried a number of CAD applications now just to compare and TurboCAD is always, without a doubt, my first choice. An awesome gift for the creative in all of us!

Thanks IMSI/Design!
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* July 30, 2011, 09:15:11 AM
TurboCAD is a great complimentary program to TurboFloorplan. As a 3D modeling program TurboCAD provides me with the options to export custom objects for use in my TurboFloorplan Residential models.

TurboCAD allows me to import my TurboFloorplan 3D models and 2D plans for either enhancing those models / plans, in a fashion that TFPlan cannot, or by creating completed Working Drawings directly from my TFPlan work.

TurbCAD and TurboFloorplan are a Dynamic Duo.

all version

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* July 30, 2011, 12:25:26 PM
Hi - I’ll add my tuppence worth.

I use TC 90% hobby and 10% work, I got into it like Don with v8 standard, then v9 pro and used pro ever since, the only version I missed was v12.5, and basically I found it quite easy to learn, I don’t use fancy stuff like xref’s, layersets, fancy lighting and only touched constraints occasionally, - just never needed to learn them.

TC does everything I need, my work includes drawings for a 70 page gas fittings catalogue (35 double sided), a few street maps, and a couple of simple architecturally type drawings, but as I said 90% is hobby use as although I do put my gas drawings up at work I don’t get paid so its classed as hobby, I guess I stick with TC as I feel comfortable with it, its just basically is a friendly program with everything logically set out (well once I’d turned off that new terrible interface) that does exactly what I want.



August 01, 2011, 10:35:13 AM
Thank you SO much, everyone!! This is exactly what I was looking for!

...and Don - I ALWAYS want to hear from you! :)



August 04, 2011, 02:03:08 PM
I may be a bit late...

I've used TCAD ever since v3.  I'm also a beta tester, and I'm now up to 18.1.  All the products that my company sells were designed with its various versions.  I use it for mechanical design - and some of my products are quite sophisticated in that respect - for electronic assembly, final assembly, and for rendered drawings for some of our publications.

I calculate that one person with this program and a couple of others can do what an entire department of twenty people used to do in companies I have worked for.

Roland Aldridge
Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc.
www.amio2.com if you want to look at what we do.

Roland Aldridge
Windows 7 ultimate, Core i7 3.07GHz, 4 cores, 9G memory GEForce GTX 285

August 15, 2011, 10:10:26 AM
Hi Roland -

It is never too late; however, I have to admit that maybe my response it. I just realized I don't get any email notifications when somebody responds, and that I haven't checked the forum while being overseas... Thank you so much for responding! :)