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Project idea- Area as text item with arrow
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* April 02, 2011, 09:27:35 PM
This will be a bit before I get to it in TC.  Mostly because another program I have already has this basic fuction built in as a Ruby feature.

What I am wanting to do is to pull an elevation with layout lines placed where the various wind load zones on a building are located.

The polygonal areas will need to be aquired as text items and the total of the tributory areas would then be applied as another text item at the point of application on the building.  The point of application could be shown by providing a ghosted section view over the elevation view to display shearwall locations.

The area totals would then be used in a spreadsheet to design the shearwalls.  There are programs that calculate shearwalls that you can purchase, but they generally fall short of covering irregular types of structures.

This same idea could be used for all types of area calculations.  Tributory areas, and even many BIM applications are actually based on area calculations.  My intentions are to work through this first in the program that already has the basics working before tackling Ruby in TC.

TC V21 Pro Platinum  Win 7 Professional