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Furniture Maker 4
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* March 08, 2011, 08:29:53 PM
Can someone tell me what versions of TurboCAD that Furniture Maker 4 will work with?
I've ruled out 16 and 17.

It's unfortunate that even though we get nailed about $200 /year for new versions, the new versions lack some of the useful features of older versions. Woodworking removed at ver 15, repackaged and sold as an add on for $79.00, no decent BOM tools, etc.

It's been a while since I used FM 4 and I think it was buggy to the point of not being useful at all.


* March 09, 2011, 04:34:12 PM
Disregard - it works with my v10 & v11 - however, after re-reading the manual and watching the video demo, I was simply reminded that I wasted $199.00