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TC v18
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March 08, 2011, 03:14:38 PM
Looks like we furniture makers have been forgotten again. Guess I'll have to stick with version 11/10.5

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* March 09, 2011, 04:38:30 PM
Alan - do you find the furniture makers useful?

I guess I was thinking they do something that they clearly do not.
Just needed a quick way to define woodworking parts and create cut and materials lists.
They seem way too complicated. Am I missing something?

Unfortunately I am finding myself going back to the earlier versions too.

I was most disappointing when they stripped the woodworking plugin out and repackaged it for $79.00
I think that was removed in version 16.


March 10, 2011, 05:08:56 AM
Shotglass, I used to launch in at the beginning of something new, but learnt quite quickly that Imsi often launched products not ready for launch and now wait for good reports before buying. Takes too much time to stumble upon problems and wait for solutions. Beta testing seems inadequate I think. Even installation of Turbocad, and fiddling with individual settings is time consuming for each update, partly why I stick within my comfort zone, but as the world changes there are limits to how long you can do that. I even have turbocad running within an XP virtual machine in Virtualbox on Ubuntu Linux in my workshop, as an experiment to future-proof, works adequately for checking dimensions, cutlists etc. and [sorry this is off topic, but] if anything crashes I can go back to various previously hibernated states of XP with running programs in the hibernations. Quite cool actually.
Back to topic, I only actually tried an early version of Furniture maker and the woodworking plugin didn't look good enough to me, as I already use CutlistPlus which is very comprehensive.

Platinum 21. & Deluxe 21.
TC user since 1995. (version 3)