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Parts List, Cut List & Bill of Materials Help!
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* March 09, 2011, 05:43:43 AM
I've been using TurboCAD since version 10 and I've only got one sticky spot, that is it's apparent weakness in parts management. Now maybe I'm missing the big picture, but I've tried combing over the reference manuals and help system but I'm still stuck in my understanding of how to manage parts.

I use TC mainly for woodworking and I'd like to be able to create a board, assign it a part number then add it to a table that I can insert into a viewport. I do have Furniture maker 4 but as I recall it was buggy to the point of being unusable.

Of course each part I define could be used multiple times, so what is the best approach to doing this? Is it even possible?

Can anyone out there that can recommend a tutorial, guide or otherwise on parts management?

Thanks in advance!


March 09, 2011, 06:34:19 AM
Shotglass7, Sadly I have to agree with you. I am not au fait with latest versions, but believe you have to devise your own system of naming convention for parts. I like to use symbol libraries with the .slw extension so library objects of same subject matter are in a single library file, separated by groups. I also like to use blocks, though unfortunately there is an annoying issue with blocks where layers do not pass well from file to file. Alan TC10.5pro and TC11pro and redundant 16pro.

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