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Escarpment - symbol 2D
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* October 05, 2010, 11:47:06 AM
This script is written in VB 2010 Express. With its help, we can draw the symbol of escarpment 2D. The symbol is placed on layer "Escarpment" and is grouped so that it can be easily removed, if we are not satisfied with the shape or location. You can draw a lot of parts, but we need to improve the connections manually. The coordinates of points can be entered manually or specify  with the mouse on the active drawing DoubleCAD - TurboCAD. Width of the slope and direction of the slope can be set according to the scheme as snap1. Pointing or by typing again the same coordinates and changing the sign of Cr, Cr1, S, S1 from "+" to "-" we should get a mirror copy of the section of slope. This allows you to draw a trench or shaft. Excuse me, but I'm not sure if I considered all the events. The script has not been tested on a lot of errors. And so I do not know if every section is always properly drawn. As always, lack of time. To run the script should be installed on your computer Microsoft. NET frameworks.


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