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Script error in TC17Plat
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* June 10, 2010, 01:14:30 AM
I am a bit confused as why my scripts generated in TC15Plat would not run in TC17
Plat. ???

I utilised the function Inputbox and it fail in TC17plat.

Sample code:  h = Inputbox("Material Depth m =")

A terrible work around is to run TC17Plat then run TC15Plat execute script in TC15Plat and the resulting graphics is shown in TC17Plat.  Weird :o

Is there a beter solution? ::)


* June 16, 2010, 09:19:16 PM
It's hard to say without more information.

What sort of script are referring to, exactly? VBScript, I presume?

Exactly how are you running the scripts?

*Edited after original post*
Note that running a vbscript from within TurboCAD via the macro recorder is a different environment than running the script externally using the wscript utility that comes with Windows. The permissions are different, which may make some vbscript commands inaccessible. InputBox appears to be one of these. MsgBox is another.

I have my text editor set up to run vbscripts that I am editing through wscript.exe -- this works fine, where running the script from within TurboCAD itself sometimes does not.
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