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RedSDK - The easiest way how light up the scene
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March 16, 2019, 06:52:43 AM
Hi all,

I prepare quick tip tutorial how you can easy light up the scene with RedSDK.
Hope you help!


Attention! Be careful not to have any lights in the scene!

1. Menu -> File-> New -> New From Scratch

2. Draw simple scene with 3D Object/s

3. Draw the floor -> I use mostly 3D Mesh with nodes in x-2 and Y-2. This object will serve for catching the shadows only.

4. Create new material -> Materials Palette -> Choose or create new Category for material -> Create new default RedSDk material and Set him to the created Objects

5. Edit and add the material which you want use or need.

6. Add material Matte Shadow to the floor -> ( Category -> Miscellaneous )

7. Set default Rendering Type for:
   Hidden Line: Redsdk/Redsdk Hidden Line
   Draft: Redsdk/Redsdk Draft
   Quality: Redsdk/Raytrace Preview

8. Now you can try Render types and what we did set.
   Hidden Line: looks OK
   Draft: OK?! :) Yes OK but all Objects are black. This behavior is fine, because this type of render mode is preset without Global Illumination and it can not use white background as light.
   Quality: OK, here is the same problem as in Draft mode, but we can see reflections. Now we change rendering type from Ray Trace Preview to Global Illumination Standard and tadaaa -> light, light, light from every side :) and it is great because we not set any light source.

Note: Light comes from the Background of the Drawing. You can try change the Background Color -> Menu -> Options -> Background Color and select other color than white and you will see that light color will changed.

Tip: If you have mistakes on surface in this render mode, you need increase brightness color of Reflectance -> reflection color in material adjust to lighter.
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March 17, 2019, 05:26:40 AM
I am very much looking forward to following this tutorial after I get some sleep!


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* March 17, 2019, 09:03:38 AM
Thanks for posting, and for the video Majo.  Good to know