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Getting around the hinky CAPTCHA bug when trying to post
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October 20, 2018, 06:31:30 PM
Sporadically, over the last couple months, I have encountered several hours long periods of time where I have to click a Captcha to verify I am not a robot before posting.

This weekend, I am almost always bounced to a brand new (and very empty) message editing window.

Normally, I would go back two pages and hit <Post> again, but this weekend has seen a regular failure to respond, making it seemingly impossible to post.  The web page just sits there, not responding to the <Post> command.

The workaround, for me using Firefox, is to refresh the page, verify that any attachments are still listed (not guaranteed) and hit <Post> again.  Usually, this sends me to the Captcha page, but it successfully posts after verifying that I am not a robot.

So... until the web master disables the Captcha, this seems to be what we need to do in order to post.

Oh, yeah... it never hurts to Select All and Copy your intended post in case you need to Paste it somewhere.


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