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How to make a mirror copy?
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* October 15, 2018, 11:56:02 PM
Hello everyone
I am beginner with Turbocad 18 standard.
Despite many searches, I did not find the command to make a mirror copy of a drawing.
Let me explain: I want the right edge of the selection to be on the left and the left edge to be on the right.
Can someone explain to me where this order is?
Thank you for your reply


* October 16, 2018, 01:04:00 AM
Welcome.  By TC 18, I wasn't sure if you meant v18 or v2018,  but the tool works is pretty much the same with a few extra options in 2018.

There is a specific tool for what you require,  Assuming you need a copy.  If the objects are just 2D, you could simply rotate around one axes, but this will not give a copy.

The Mirror Copy tools location depends on the configuration set in tools - customise - options page (this sets up how TC menus looks on screen), and Mirror Copy may be in the Edit Menu, or somewhere in the Modify menu, it is also on a toolbar but again the location may vary.

To use, please see this TC v20 help page.  (I couldn't reach the TC v18 help files on the net). 

One thing that help file doesn't make clear, is that when drawing the mirror line, you can snap to the Grid or other object, thus ensuring the mirror line is exactly where one requires it.  One can also turn on orthogonal snap, (or hold down shift key) to restrict the mirror line to horizontal or vertical. 
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* October 17, 2018, 01:26:45 AM
Thank you Andy
I ended up finding the tool to make a mirror copy in the help file (PDF) (in French)
The problem is that I had to search for "symmetric copy" instead of "mirror copy"
Another question: how to be notified by mail
Thank you for your help.


* October 17, 2018, 04:47:05 AM
Another question: how to be notified by mail

Towards the top of the forum, click on the word 'Profile',  this will open up your forum user profile, click on Notification, then tick the boxes you would like, you can alter other things to get the forum the way you would like.  For example under look and layout you can change the theme, or time format.

That said, I don't use notification apart from Moderator ones,  So I don't know if it is working properly, but worth a try.