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New 3D Printing site
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October 13, 2018, 05:54:32 AM
I was referred to a new (for me, at least) 3D printing web site, 3D Hubs.  They have distributed manufacturing across the USA and can deliver to some places in as little as a few hours.

The upshot is that there are several materials that I haven't seen at Shapeways (my go-to place for the jewelry I design for my girlfriend).

Among the materials available are: Transparent Resins (completely clear, glass-like appearance), Rubber-like Resin (not the same performance as actual rubber, but it's compressible and flexible), Titanium (aerospace quality), Inconel (high strength), and Woodfill PLA (contains wood, bamboo, or cork-based pulverized material, resulting in FDM parts with a unique wood-like appearance).

Personally, I'm wondering about the woodfill PLA.  It has an acceptable print volume of 39" on a side.  You could print furniture (or at least the parts to assemble furniture).

Oh, yeah... they accept STEP files, so much better for curvy objects than STL.



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