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Library Symbols 2018 Pro Platinum
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* September 10, 2018, 07:19:37 PM
I have recently upgraded from TC 16 Deluxe to TC Pro Platinum 2018. Why are there so few symbols in the library? In the older version, I had over 11,000 symbols, now with the upgraded version, I only have a hundred, if that many. Is there something that I need to load? or are there really only this few symbols?


* September 10, 2018, 10:21:59 PM
There's just under 400 Symbols in TurboCAD 2018 from what I see at "C:\Program Files\IMSIDesign\TCW2018\Symbols".

The 11,000 symbols probably came from an add-on program. I believe you will need to "Modify" or reinstall that Symbol add-on so that it points to 2018. You could also browse around for the "Symbols" folder, then use "Options / Symbol Libraries" to add that folder to the Library list using "New". I have one at "C:\Program Files (x86)\TurboCAD Professional 2017 Symbols\Symbols" that has just under 12,000 symbols.

John R.

V17—V21, 2015—2019
Designer, Deluxe, (Professional, Expert, Basic), Platinum
RedSDK enabled
Windows 10 Pro (1803), 64-bit

* September 11, 2018, 01:47:30 AM
When I purchased 2018 there were 3 links in the E-mail, x32, x64 and symbols zip file.   You could check your E-mail and see if the link to downloading the zip file is there.  If the link to the symbols is not in the E-mail, you will probably have to contact the supplier.

If the link is there,  download and extract the zip file,  with TC 2018 closed, navigate in windows explorer to the extracted folder and to 'setup.exe'.  The symbols will install in 'program files x86', (over 11,000 files) and TC 2018 linked to them.  The files are accessed in TC2018 library in a folder called 'Symbols'.   Or, you can just link to the symbols you already have following John's advice.
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