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Lack of Support for Australian Customers
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* September 06, 2018, 04:05:49 PM
Hi all, I am hoping this is peculiar to Australian customers only, as we seem to be ignored with any tickets we raise regarding problems or bugs with the software.

I have 4 'recorded and documented' tickets for which I only received partial assistance (very poor/unsatisfactory at that) after chasing it up through the Aussie agent whom had to get them to respond.

When they did, the issue was only partially answered (usually not the issue I wanted resolved - problem not read properly) and then usually in the form of two types of responses: first a regurgitation of, or a pointer to, the manual (which I had already checked); or secondly - recommending a reinstall.  I have done the latter more than half a dozen times now - surely the program is better than that where it needs a reinstall to solve what should be a minor issue?

After my current disappointing response, I am so disillusioned that I am seriously considering dumping this product - a pity as the functionality and software is good; it is just my experience of consistently poor support.  I am not alone, I know of two other Aussie users reporting the same lack of support.

Is there any way to get this message across to the the 'head office'?  It is pointless producing a good program if you do not support it properly.  I have received more, and better, support here in the forums than from IMSI direct, which 'smacks' of them using the forum as an unpaid support service?
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* September 06, 2018, 04:57:40 PM
Mindscape are sales agents, not the writers or publishers of TC, and while I've had great sales support from them over the years, it wouldn't have ever occurred to me to refer technical issues to them.  They don't have the expertise or the personnel to answer them, and one of Mindscape's people that I've dealt with has posted a couple of issues here herself.  Raising your issues through IMSI's support channels here and on the TurboCAD main site has more probability of success.   They do use these avenues as an unpaid support service, because the number of people using TC means that people have probably run up against your issues previously and in many cases found ways to overcome them or discovered that TC works "that way" rather than the way you'd like it to.   This is the alternative to maintenence subscriptions that some software titles offer.   Don't expect things to change in a direct "cause and effect" manner.  Many, many changes and improvements have been implemented over the years, and there have been maintenence releases, but whether or not these will resolve your particular issues within a timeline or whether your issue will be addressed within the sales cycle of your version is pot luck.       


* September 06, 2018, 08:37:02 PM
Hi Murray, I think you might find I tried this forum and the consensus is that I had a potential bug and should report it.  This I did, but as usual there was only the automated response generating the ticket and that was it.  I gave it well over a week before enquiring yet again  - again deafening silence.

WRT Mindscape, I am well aware of this and was not seeking the answer from them.  My enquiry to them was to establish why our tickets were not being responded to.  The telephone option is not very helpful for overseas users due to costs and time zone issues.  There is no Aussie Help Desk and with at least 4 tickets, I have never received a response AT ALL.  As I said, I always try this forum, and in this instance the responses suggested it was best to contact IMSI - but what is the point if there are no response from the Support Team?  I was trying to help IMSI here by reporting a potential bug. You will see from my limited posting history that I do utilise this forum as the next point of call after trying to resolve the issue using the online and offline help/manuals. 

The tone of your response is quite lecturing (I am assuming unintentional); please do not think that I raised this topic lightly.  I have done all the right things here and the lack of support from IMSI (via the ticket system) is an ongoing thing over several tickets where I have had NO response at all except the ticket generation advice.  I have chased (responding to the ticket) the issues up on several occasions before resorting to other means.  When, I finally do get responses they do not address the issue properly or to a satisfactory resolution.  In this instance as an example, when I received no response from IMSI despite chasing it up several times, I have had no recourse but to contact the seller which is the only thing I can do under consumer law here.

It would greatly assist if the support system was a little more responsive.  I do not wish this to become a flame war; I have said my bit  and hopefully made my point so I will not post further.
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Beginner (with much to learn) mainly period ship plans and fittings

* September 07, 2018, 12:21:44 AM
As a Aussie user also, I can only support and sympathise with PatM    I use TC2018 Deluxe and I have compared TC2018 Deluxe with PatM's TC2018 Expert version.   Two aspects, basic in TC Deluxe are not available or do not give the same problem that PatM incurs.   
In April I wrote to IMSI Support at length identifying issues where, from my experience, support was lacking or could be improved.    I didn't even get the courtesy of an acknowledgement.   As an experienced engineer and postgraduate in business administration, I feel somewhat qualified to speak out about the way in which IMSI are conducting their support (or lack of it).
To my mind much has to do with the interaction of how the excellent basic guides (2017 and 2018 which I have used extensively) with the user.   If it were better there would have been much less use of the support service in my case.  I believe that the way of using these excellent guides should be such that it should have no regard for the level of TurboCad experience of the user.   It can be done!


* September 07, 2018, 02:09:36 AM
Hi all,

In the interests of fairness, I wish to acknowledge that shortly after posting I was contacted by George McNamara.  I am in the process of discussing the issues and George has been very helpful.

Many thanks

TC2019 Pro
Beginner (with much to learn) mainly period ship plans and fittings

September 07, 2018, 01:21:47 PM
Dear Geoff & Pat,

Thanks for your feedback. I saw that you are complaining about lack of support and unanswered queries. I am really sorry for that but let me confirm one thing that i have not received any email from you both on my official email ID that is zattif@imsidesign.com and you can also use support@imsidesign.com as well.

Nowadays, team is very much engaged in releasing the TC2018.5 with alot of exciting new features and problems fixing. Hopefully release will be out next week. But beside this it does not mean that we are not able to solve your problems.

Please forward me your all the problems on urgent basis at zattif@imsidesign.com and i will provide you the support on priority basis.

Looking forward to your response!

Thanks & Regards,
Zunair Attif
Manager QA\Support
IMSI Design
Email: zattif@imsidesign.com
Skype: zattif@imsitechnologies.com

* September 12, 2018, 07:39:33 PM
Hi, I have sent several emails to you.  I note however that when I save, or call the properties the email address you provide returns 'Support@..."  I have sent several responses to you, and to the support desk, but, not a single response either from yourself or from the support desk has been received for these.  I also received yet another auto ticket generation message and after a week's wait.  I have yet to hear from anyone. 

My email is working properly as I am happily corresponding both ways with others, and receiving yours when they are sent.  It appears the issues may be at your end and may explain a few things.  I will resend my last email and see what happens.  I will send it now so could you please respond to see where the issue with emails may be?

For some reason I cannot see the date of the email which is to the right when I open the image but it is there in the  thumbnail - the original sent date is: 8 Sept18 (but this is only the last of a few I sent)
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Beginner (with much to learn) mainly period ship plans and fittings

* September 28, 2018, 01:39:52 AM
For those whom may have noted the earlier post I have removed; I have finally had a very fruitful and remote access session in which we were able to identify at least two of the issues.  One is a known problem with large files.  I will keep you posted.

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Beginner (with much to learn) mainly period ship plans and fittings

September 28, 2018, 02:52:44 AM
Hi Pat M,

    after reading your earlier post, it's good to hear that some positive progress has been made.
    Hopefully, these issues will soon be, but a distant memory.
    Hang in there.  ;)

Regards Tim

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* September 30, 2018, 02:59:04 AM
It is good news for Pat.  I can only hope now that "support" may have time to address my emails too!!!!!!
I still remain a user, albeit a dissatisfied one.