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TC Files, Previously Closed, Are All Open When Logging In the Next Day
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* June 23, 2018, 10:17:51 AM

I have TC Prof 17 and after completely closing out all files, closing down the program and closing out of any other programs (Explorer, I-net, Word, etc.), when logging back in and opening up TC, I find all of the files I worked on (and closed out of) are open. I have my preferences set so as not to have the last file (s) open when I open TC. Is there some other setting that would allow all the files to be open like this?
This may be causing some problems, because I 'seem' to be getting duplicate files of some TC files I was working on after logging in. When I open the last file I worked on, it shows it as an unedited file and the old 'last modification' date shows up, not the current date from the day before. So I closed out of TC, open it back up and the most current edited file shows up and the old one is magically gone!
This has to be related to all of the old edited files showing up when logging in, because I know I closed out of all the files before shutting down the computer. Wierd
Any guidance is greatly appreciated!


* June 23, 2018, 12:30:48 PM
You could try deleting the built-in folder (worked in my case).

From my experience.  The settings are kept in the desktop.ist file, BUT,  just deleting this file works once, but as soon as TC is closed the fault returns.

If you have never deleted the built-in folder before.  Caution - this will reset TC to defaults. First. ensure you have your desktop workspace config saved if you have done any customisation from the TC defaults, and not previously saved it. Go to tools customise, options tab, note the tool icon sizes, under the save-in button type a name (I just use Andys), and click save-in. This will save any workspace you have altered, like any custom toolbars you have added.  Close TC

Second. Navigate to the built-in folder, directions in this thread . select the built in folder, and copy and paste it somewhere else, This is just in case this process doesn't work in your case, you can then put your existing built-in folder back again.

Third.  Delete the built-in folder.

Fourth.  Start up TC.  This will automatically put a new built-in folder in place,  Click new from scratch drawing, Go to tools customise, reset the icon size if necessary, load you workspace (select from dropdown list and click Load from), Set the Style and Theme to whatever you are used to,  probably either Classic or Default, TC may reboot after altering.  Close TC

Restart and see what happens.


* June 27, 2018, 06:50:41 AM
I'm a little worried about trying to delete the folder.  I seem to have enough problems with other program glitches (i.e. crashes, etc.). I will keep your recommendations on file, if it continues to be a problem though. Thank you for your  time and advice Andy! Have a great day!