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Attributes in DWG file not visible
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* June 22, 2018, 11:18:17 PM
I very recently purchased TurboCAD 2018 because my very old AutoCad LT would not open a .dwg file I needed to work on. TurboCad opens the file OK.


The .dwg  file consists of several hundred blocks. Associated with these blocks are attributes specifically names which are currently NOT visible.

I need to display the names along with the blocks and edit them.

Despite my best efforts I have failed to work out how to do it!

Can anyone explain how to do it,  in simple language please as my 70 yo brain is a bit slow these days:-)

Thanks heaps!


* June 23, 2018, 04:50:34 AM
Presuming all the same block definition with different attributes values?. Try this.
Find the block in the palette. Click on EC to edit the block. Select the attributes and in the properties dialogue box make sure invisible is not checked. Finish editing the block and then with the block selected click on sync attributes.
Hopefully that will work.

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