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Filleting Error with Lofted Objects
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* June 19, 2018, 09:20:12 AM
I am drawing an as-built model for a 38’ Cheoy Lee Sailboat.  The modeling goes well until I try to fillet between the hull and keel joint.

My process for this model is as follows:

1.  Insert and scale PDF plans of the boat.
2.  Create hull profiles in plan view and elevation.
3.  Make vertical and horizontal extent lines at 12 inch intervals along the length of the hull.
4.  Draw bezier curves on one side of the hull at each 12 inch interval to form the shape of the hull.
5.  Mirror copy the bezier curves to create the other half of the hull.
6.  Join the bezier curves at each interval to form closed polylines.
7.  Loft the closed polylines to form a solid.

8.  Create a keel by lofting 2 ellipses.
9.  Locate and 3D add the keel to the hull
10.  Attempt to fillet the keel to hull joint without success.

I have tried creating the hull and keel profiles together and lofting them as one but the result is too wrinkly.  There are also additional appendages which need to be added later (rudder, skeg, etc.), so I like the method of adding a part and then filleting.


1.  What am I doing wrong which prevents the filleting?
2.  Is my process appropriate for this type of model?

I appreciate any comments and suggestions.

John Earl
SV Duet

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* June 19, 2018, 10:02:02 AM
I 3D-Sliced the object lengthwise along the centerline and was able to fillet that joint on one of the halves with a 12" radius or less. The other half wouldn't accept a radius greater than 1". I'd suggest slicing, filleting the docile half and deleting the other half, then mirror-copying the good part.

...BTW, you'll get a smoother loft if you don't incorporate too many profiles.

Henry H


* June 19, 2018, 02:00:16 PM

Thanks, that works.  When I tried it I was able to fillet both sides at 12" radius.

I will make another loft with fewer profiles.  I made so many because the last time I modeled the boat, I included the keel and rudder in the profiles and struggled with wrinkles.  Adding more profiles helped with some, but not all, of the wrinkles.