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3D Knurls
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April 23, 2018, 02:16:52 PM
Help Please!!!!

Anyho, so i have followed the video on making a 3D knurl (Thanks Don) but I am still having issues ??? And I cannot get my head around what is wrong?? I don't know if its just a deluxe thing or what (Probably user error :) )
But please can someone help with this.....
So I made all the necessary rail sweeps and added them together and the mirror copied them as per the vid.
But however when i come to actually subtract them from the main body I get issues :(
See from the Pics attached what i mean.
Capture 2 shows the knurl in wireform
Capture 3 shows the knurl in Draft
Capture 1 is what happens when I 3D subtract.........  >:(
I have also included the TC file if someone can look at it and tell me WHY???
The TC file is 111,959KB so i cant post it here (although I dont not understand why not?)

James Using Deluxe 2017

Now Using Plat Pro 2018
Windows 10 - 64-bit
Nvidia K620