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Complete lose of cursor
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* February 17, 2018, 12:39:14 PM
In the middle of doing a 2D drawing the arrow cursor failed to work.  I sifted through my setting, nothing appears to have changed. I have uninstalled, re-installed and updated. Still no cursor! Shut down computer, still no cursor!  I'm clueless and I really need this up and running Monday morning.   :(

Any suggestions and or help would be most appreciated. 

Deluxe 19.2 32-bit
Build 54.2


* February 17, 2018, 01:10:41 PM
Have you checked your Selctor Properties, that it's not turned off ??
Else try to reload your or the  default  cfg ( Cusomize/ Options )
Or try to close TC, delete your Built-in.
It is just 2 lines above your tread


V18, V19, V20, V21, 2015/ 16/ 17/ 18 Pro. Platinum
Deluxe V20, V21, 2015/ 16/ 17
RedSDK enabled
Windows 10 Home Premium 64 bit, 32 GB
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 780m, 1 GB

* February 17, 2018, 01:29:43 PM
Thanks so much.

I cleared built-in and selector properties is on.  I've checked my options setting, nothing appears to have changed or maybe I can't find the change.

I am getting a notification from my computer: Turbocad Deluxe 19.2 32 bit Error Report.  I don't have clue where to find this report. :)

I now have discovered this is only happening to the drawing I was working on.  If I open other drawings everything works.


* February 17, 2018, 01:45:21 PM
 :-[  Problem solved.  I had lock what I thought was a single part of the drawing.  I was certainly wrong, everything locked.   :)  Live and learn!

Thanks for all your help!