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Redsdk Problems
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* January 16, 2018, 02:42:35 PM
Hi - Recently upgraded to TurboCad Pro Platinum 2017.  Initial start of the program resulted in a message something like "your video card is supported, for improved performance and speed change native draw to Redsdk" which I did.  For information, my video card is an older (read legacy) AMD Radeon HD5700.  Zooming in or out often causes the display to produce multiple images. Entities are drawn at different sizes and if turned on the grid will be garbled. I have attached a simple drawing of a circle which I zoomed in and out a few times with this result.  Changing to GDI in native draw does not have this problem.  TurboCad 17 does not have this problem.

I began to suspect that my video card was the problem so I loaded 2017 64 bit to my laptop, an ASUS Intel i5, 6 GB ram, onboard Intel video.  RedsdK on this machine is slow as molasses, even though I got the same message that my video card is supported and for more speed better performance, change to RedsdK.  I have verified that the video is set to its highest performance. GDI works well on this machine for native draw.  Version 17 on this machine works well with both GDI and Redsdk.

As I am trying to use 2017 to the best of its capabilities do I just go back to GDI for native draw, look for a better video card or some other option.  I was under the impression that Redsdk was the current thing.

Thanks for reading

D Hatch
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* January 16, 2018, 10:10:02 PM
Use gdi if you can it solves a lot of problems. Not you wont be able to quality render in gdi mode unless you buy lightworks.

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* January 17, 2018, 09:34:23 PM
 Check out the thread "something is wrong with my Turbocad" I also had a problem with Redsdk and found this solution.

Tim I probably overstated the problems with using GDI  the point I was making was in GDI mode you are not getting the full range of TubroCad potential as you would in Redsdk. The real issue is why TurboCad was responding the way it was and what the fix could be.
Now for the good news I have found the problem and can recommend a fix and a warning to other users  on how to avoid having something like this happening to them. This is a driver issue and is caused by downloading the latest driver from Nvidia. With a laptop you should only use drivers from the OEM HP in my case as they are tailored for there product and can be several releases behind Nvidia but they are tested on their product and you will have a better chance for them to be problem free. This was the recommendation that I received from Nvidia today and is directed to laptops.
What we did today was uninstall all Nvidia drivers and the control panel then went to the HP website and downloaded there driver for this model laptop a Spectre 360 and did a clean install. I rebooted the program and TurboCad now works perfect as you would expect in Redsdk .
This might be a obvious solution to some but I can say that I spent over 2 hours with TurboCad support and they had no idea what was going on and I then spent over an hour with Nvidia support to get to this answer so I hope it helps others.