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Layers acting crazy in Deluxe 2017
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* January 13, 2018, 09:55:34 AM
Maybe its something I am doing wrong.  But, my objects seem to be jumping themselves into different layers.  For instance, I have my posts in layer "Posts"  But, if I don't have My layer "Measurements OH" on, you cant see the posts?  Drawing Attached.

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* January 13, 2018, 10:07:14 AM
The posts have somehow become "Groups." To fix this, right-click on "Posts" in the Design Director and choose "Select by." Then go to Format>Explode and, while all the posts are still selected, go back to the Design Director and left-click in the "Active" column next to the word "Posts."

Henry H


* January 13, 2018, 10:18:56 AM
That worked, but how did you arrive at that conclusion?  And, I wonder how that happened in the first place.  I was about to pull out my hair.  lol

TuboCad Deluxe 2017. 
Newbie, but Getting There.

* January 13, 2018, 10:23:59 AM
I played around with it some more.   Seems when I bring a part in from the library, it comes in as Layer "0".  I have been then selecting the part and changing the layer to the appropriate layer.  But, you have to have both layer "0" and the layer it was changed to on, for the part to be visible.  Until I do the procedure you showed me to do.  I  have another thread about this.  But, is there a way to save a grouped graphic into the library, so that it come out on a specific layer?  Instead of Layer "0"?    What exactly is Layer "0"?  A default layer?  I notice you can not delete it?  Also, "Constraint"  Cant delete that one either?  What is that one actually for?

TuboCad Deluxe 2017. 
Newbie, but Getting There.

* January 13, 2018, 12:11:45 PM
re: …how did you arrive at that conclusion?
In the Selection Info palette, expand the "Group of Graphics". The "TC Surface" object is on the "Measurements OH" layer, while the parent is on "Posts". Since this came from a Symbol Library, the post in the Library is set to the "Measurements OH" layer. I would recommend changing that Symbol to Layer_0, unless there is a need for it to be on the "Measurements OH" layer. With the symbol on "0" and the Group is exploded, it will acquire the groups' layer; i.e. Posts. If it has a layer already assigned, such as "Measurements OH", it will retain that layer name.

Layer_0 is always there for use by the program for a variety of things. It is usually best to leave it on.

The $Constraints layer is a BUG and can't be removed. I believe in a future version they may give the user the option to remove these dollar bill layers; $Constraints, $Construction, etc.

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