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Better keyboard shortcut management
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* December 20, 2017, 04:13:59 PM
The Customize/Keyboard menu could be significantly improved.

I use as many keyboard shortcuts as possible and took me almost a day to customize the shortcuts to my preferences.  There were also many little issues during that process.

- The "all commands" category doesn't actually list all commands.  It is necessary to go to sub-categories to find some commands.
- Some commands are not listed at all in any of the categories (sorry can't remember which ones)
- Some commands are not possible to change (Number pad ones for instance)

It would be nice if there was a more user friendly way to customize keyboard shortcuts because I find them essential for proper workflow and time efficiency!

Cameron Miller
TurboCAD 2016 Pro Platinum
Ver: 23.2  Build: 61.2
Windows 7 pro

January 09, 2018, 02:54:14 PM
I can't comment on TC's use of shortcuts yet as I just started crating mine.
   I can say that I used them for everything in the last software I worked with. The shortcut keys were saved in a file that I could share with everyone in the office ( and put a copy on that forum that was downloaded hundreds of times) so that we were all on the same page. Created a spread sheet that went with it so that everyone had a copy. It is a great time saver to get to know them. especially for drawings I could put out a pretty detailed d size 1/8 scale assembly drawing in no time using them.
 Could also create Macro's by recording key strokes and assigning short cut keys to them also that was a great time saver too.

Don Pillow
TurboCad Platinum Pro 2016, 2017, BobCad 30-4 Axis, ArtCam, AutoDesk Fusion and Inventor,  Affinity Designer, VariCad 2017, Sketchup 2017, Rhinoceros V5
HMSAdviser  and Predator CNC Editor
+ a lot of Photo Editing and Astronomy Software