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Does this software work trying to find help that isn't there.
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* November 21, 2017, 05:56:51 AM
Hi All
I bought furniture maker about 6 months ago and got so discouraged I had to drop it because of my work load. They claim there are videos and then there are no videos. There is no help either and the manual is even worse than most of the Turbocad manuals I have used in the past. Any help resources out there. I have read a few threads and seem I am in good company when is comes to confusion. It seems the only person that knows how to use the software can't speak English. Apologetically ( annoyed and sarcastic)


November 21, 2017, 06:22:36 AM
Dear SouthHill,

Its Zunair Attif, writting you from QA department of IMSI, Can i help you? What sort of material you need and what is your current version of TCFM?

Thanks & Regards,
Zunair Attif
Manager QA\Support
IMSI Design
Email: zattif@imsidesign.com
Skype: zattif@imsitechnologies.com