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Layers Sets, Layer Templates, Disappearing Layers
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* November 10, 2017, 06:28:29 AM
I've searched this topic but haven't found a solid explanation or solution. It looks like years ago when they first started using layer templates that the templates would disappear when you closed and re-opened TC. I'm having the same problem with the current version, did they not fix this or is there a way to save them somehow? I'm still trying to figure out how this all works. I think I get the principle. I create a layer template like I would a layer set, if I go to layer sets after activating a layer template it looks as though the layer set mimicked the template (which seems redundant to me). I also find that if I go to paperspace, sometimes my title block or sometimes a viewport is not showing up. If I switch to another paperspace then come back, the missing items reappear. Does anybody have a link to how to set this up correctly or some clarification on what I might be doing wrong?

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