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Workaround needed for TC 2017 node and morph
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* October 19, 2017, 02:45:40 PM
In TC 2017 RedSDK working with AL,  there are still what I consider bugs because they worked fine in v2016.

Anyone found a reliable workaround for Morphing and Keyframe node editing, where the morph or node edits don't update until after the full command has finished,  I found a 'sort of' workaround providing the spline paths are on the world workplane by adding the PlaceOnWorkplane , but it doesn't always work for me using a user defined workplane, though I can get round some problems by offset sweeping so the profile is still is on the WW,   I tried the workarounds for materials / luminance problem provided by Vlad, but they didn't work for me with this problem.. 

In case the above isn't clear (highly likely), see attached file, simply open, draft render, in AL options - frames, turn off show frames, (doesn't actually matter but saves creating a useless movie), play movie,   the ones without the PlaceOnWorkplane commands don't update for me as the movie records.  but everything works fine in 2016.


Forgot to mention, the reason I need a workaround is that I want to use a 3D spline, so place on workplane is very hit and miss, a better workaround is needed.
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* October 22, 2017, 04:07:43 PM
Andy just downloaded and I will test later.

Thanks Daz ( Darryl )
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