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Parametric parts via variables?
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October 16, 2017, 08:49:33 PM
 I have a number of frames that have a number of mounting holes along their perimeter.  All the holes are the same size. The customer keeps changing their mind as to what size these holes need to be.  It would be nice if I could just enter the name of a variable (IE: HoleMount) into the radius field for each hole.  Then, next time the dimension gets changed, change the variable in the Calculator Pallet to the new dimension and have all the holes be updated at once.

Everything is a 3D solid so I'm using the boolean subtract function.

I also attempted to create a cylinder as a block, but those can't be 3D Subtracted, as I guessed.

I also tried using the Equal Radius constraint, but it wouldn't let me select the next "hole" (circle w/depth).

Any ideas?

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* October 17, 2017, 12:00:13 AM
Presuming you are using platinum.
Try playing around with the pattern tools.
You can subtract a pattern from an acis solid. Unfortunately you can't use constraints with patterns but you can change the size of  the original which would update all. There is a video out there.
You can also use the copy tools with the auto constraint on but I have never been able to change the number of holes with that
 - almost useless.

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* October 17, 2017, 03:39:21 AM
My understanding - A circle with thickness is essentially a 3D part so one can't add constraint 'after the fact' (as constraints only work on 2D),  they would need constraining before any thickness is added, which also means you can't add a hole if forgotten one.

Extrudes on the other hand are only associated with the circle so constraints can be added afterwards, and one can even add more circles/extrude/subtract and constraint them,   Drawback is constraints can occasionally break if too much manipulation is done.

Another option if the holes were not equal distances apart (I think pattern only produces equal distance objects),  may be a macro but one would have to have raw the part with this in mind, i.e probably requires extrude not thickness, identical attribute info and would probably only be worth setting up if there were lots of holes. 


* October 17, 2017, 04:12:21 AM
Use circles to mark the holes, use equal radius constraint for each from a source circle.  Simple-extrude them all together as compound profile, and they'll subtract as a unit, change the diameter of the source circle, the other circles will also, the holes by result.  You can constrain the diameter of the source circle as a variable.

ps You're not restricted to using the same diameter within that one subtraction.  Other source circles and children constrained to them can be used, and you can add and subtract circles/holes with update compound profile.
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