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Turbo CAM and Sherline
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* August 31, 2017, 01:52:42 PM
I am in one of those situations that I do not know enough to ask the correct question so here it goes:

I was just wondering if anyone here is using Turbo CAM and Sherline Lathe or Mill combination.  I do not have any CNC and was thinking about buying their turnkey CNC / EMC system, but I am not familiar enough with the chain of processing from drawing the part, exporting the part to G-Code and what the Linux EMC Machine will like and not like.  Will the Turbo CAM interface with the Linux EMC system? 
I would assume that I would draw the part using TurboCAD and then use TC CAM to generate the G-Code. Then I would take that G-Code and copy and paste it into the Sherlines CNC Linux system.