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Not Responding
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* July 16, 2017, 02:12:43 PM
I am running TC 2017 Plat Pro on a with Windows 10 Operating System.

Almost every time I open TurboCad I get the "Not Responding" message when I try to open an existing drawing or even if I try to load a new drawing from scratch.
After multiple times of trying and restarting my computer I can eventually open a drawing - then everything works perfectly.
I do not have this problem if I load TC2016.

Has anyone an idea what is causing this


July 17, 2017, 02:37:31 AM
I would not be surprised if it was related to ACIS History.  One indicator is if TurboCAD will eventually display everything, but takes a long time (another is having a design file that is in the tens of megabytes).

As an example, I recently created a docking platform prototype for a MacBook Pro laptop.  To get that diamond pattern in the frame, I had to 3D Add dozens of Boxes to create the basic pattern, then I had to 3D Intersect with another solid that specified the boundaries of the main section, followed by a 3D Add of a Shell of that same boundary to get solid faces on the bottom and sides.

It literally took upwards of 5 minutes to do a Draft Render (maybe more... I got bored and did something else while I waited).

When it finally occurred to me to check the ACIS History, I Exploded all the components into ACIS Solids.

Rendering now takes about 2 seconds (IMSI should really update the ACIS History code to Multi-Threading).

To see if this is what is happening to you, bring up the Selection Info panel (the fastest way is the <Ctrl> <Shift> I hot key) and start clicking on objects (you may have to make all hidden Layers visible as there are a couple bugs relating to this).

Or it could just be the file size.  This same MBP Cradle does take a long time just to load to Wireframe display because it's 42 MB.


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* July 17, 2017, 04:50:10 AM
something similar. I don't restart though. If I go into the task bar and stop the crash report delivery model Tc starts.

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