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How to import .OBJ file from Autocad's "Remake" with color info?
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* June 17, 2017, 06:30:44 AM
I recently download Remake from Autodesk (free).  By taking about 50 photos of an object from various directions, Remake will create a full color 3D model on-line that's pretty good, also for free.  You can buy a subscription and/or pay by the project to get even higher resolution.  Even with only 50 photos, the 3D models are impressive.  As long as you can place yourself where you can take photos from many angles, there doesn't seem to be a limit on the overall size of the object being scanned.  No other equipment is needed.  You can use photos from any digital camera or smartphone, though 5 megapixel or better photos are preferred.  It does mean that upload and file creation times may take 10-20 minutes, but the results are worth waiting for.  See the Remake site for details.

The problem for me is getting the 3D file into TurboCad 2017.  Remake will export several file types, but TurboCad will only open the STL and OBJ type files in several flavors.  Remake will also export .FBX and .PLY format.  STL doesn't contain color info, though the 3D solid model comes on OK.  I can also import an .OBJ file in TurboCad, but the color info is supposedly contained in a separate .MTL file, but that doesn't seem to come through.  Any ideas on how to get the 3D mesh AND the color info into TurboCad?   


* June 18, 2017, 07:44:17 PM
I am also searching the internet for what I will be going into from different CAD software, I kind of like TurboCAD at the moment, I run into the same questions on mesh importing of FBX, or even RCM files? also, I would like to know if TurboCAD will be able to continue working on the MESH created from the remake?
My discount offers will end soon, therefore I definitely needed to clear off my concerns and hopefully got the answer here soon~
Also, I wonder if I could put together different MESH objects together using "SMESH Tools"? Is TurboCAD able to manage the size and fittings precisely that non-fit objects that could not goes on etc. so that I know I need to change the design etc.?


* July 03, 2017, 04:51:54 PM
Now only SKP filter supports the import of RW/LW materials.
3DS import of RW/LW materials will be available, after the patch.